Its been a while since anyone told me about my hair about the way I walk or talk or dress. Im twenty five and still dating around looking for that spark that eighteen year old feeling,that sudden rush of passion. Being consumed by loads of work day after day shifted my focus from marriage to deadlines. What have my life come to, when I was twelve years i envisioned myself in a big house with a loving husband and two children,I guess everything don’t work in our favor.
The season of love has arrived Valentines Day. My close friend becky always sets me up with these men hoping that ill find love one day. She said that she found a date for me tonight and its gonna be love at first sight,I highly doubt it,but just to make her happy ill go.
Im not sure what got into me but to my surprise I slipped on one of my shortest dresses,on my way to this blind date I fought with myself about the dress I had on, now why on earth would I put on such a short dress,I must be out of my mind. Arriving to italiano restaurant I stepped out and quickly walked in because I was ten minutes late,I looked around trying to see if any guy was sitting alone,to my disappointment there wasn’t any so I turned around to walk out and I bumped into this tall muscular man.
Becky always found distasteful men for my many blind dates so i figured the man I collided into wasn’t my date,my determination was set on reaching my house and telling Becky about my date which didn’t turn up. To my surprise a firm hand grabbed my left arm and span me around,my defense mechanism was to quickly spray pepper spray in his eyes,but i realised that it was the man from the restaurant whom I bumped into. I was confused as to why he came back for me.
He went on telling me that becky gave him a picture of me and he only realised that I was the person when i walked out the restaurant,the look on his face when he saw my dress was scorn to the highest degree I felt like diving into the deepest hole and dying there. We both walked inside and got a table,the whole time his eyes were on my dress. I got upset because im not sure what kind of perverted guy becky set me up with this time,I rolled my eyes and told him to take a picture it will last longer. He paused and then sternly told me that he doesn’t take pictures of women who don’t respect themselves. Taken aback I immidiately stood and grabbed my drink to throw it on him but what stopped me was what he said after.
What he said played over and over in my head as I quickly left him at the table to catch a cab,the audacity of that man how dare he. Fuming I slammed the door of the cab and ran upstairs to my apartment,thats it i’m not going on anymore of beckys’ dates,this one drawed the line. Getting ready to take a shower my phone rang, i’m pretty sure its becky calling to ask how the date was. Guess what,it was exactly that, I complained about the entire so called date and told her every horrible thing that accured. To think that she would be as upset as I am but no her historical laugh boomed through the speakers of my phone,which annoyed me more. She said that those dresses I wore were extreamly short and the guy just pointed it out,well so much for best friends sticking with each other. I told her I was going to take a shower so I hung up.
Couldn’t find my brush so i searched through the bag which i went on the date with,the brush was there but also a small paper. I opened it and there was a name and number,it now hit me, I never asked the guy his name but other than that its confusing how the paper got in there because he was no where near my bag, if that guy thinks that im going to call him he better think again.
Here I am in my office trying to get a pile of work done,suddenly the phone rang and my receptionist told me that a man is downstairs for me,I asked her to ask his name and she said that he doesnt wanna tell her. This is way too much drama for a monday morning,I just told her to send him up. As the door cracked i noticed who it was,my ex boyfriend of a year. Please tell me this is not happening,I switched from a smile to a grimm expression,I never understood why after cheating on me he would think that I will forgive him,men these days. I told him that he has two minutes to get out of my office or i’m calling security.
Before he can say anything my receptionist came in with a huge teddy bear with a note attached to it. She gave it to me with a mischievous smile on her face and briskly walked back out. Damons’ face turned red when he saw the bear in my hand ,and asked me who brought it. I ignored him and read the note aloud, it said “I apologise for my behaviour please forgive me everyone deserves second chances”. Damon snatched the bear and threatened to destroy it if I didnt tell him who it was, the bear was really nice and I wanted to carry it home but i’m not going to let my ex walk all over me. I told him that he doesn’t deserve me and I do not want him in my life on my job or by my house before I take out a restraining order. Then i called security to show him out.
On my way to beckys’ house I kept watching the bear it made me smile which was odd because it wasn’t easy for a guy to get that smile on my face,oh my gosh i’m falling for this guy and we never had a proper conversation,I need beckys’ help as soon as possible. I knocked on her door and it immidiately opened but I nearly fainted when I saw who it was,Daniel the guy from the date,I was so shocked I became speechless. He just stood there with a stupid grin on his face then he held my hand and brought me inside where I saw becky sitting on the couch,im so going to kill her.
She then said that she’s going to the grocery and will be back in a while. I gave her the “save me” look but she just left with a smile. Daniel turned my face towrds his and asked if I liked the teddy bear,I just nudded and walked to the kitchen. He apologised again and said “hi my name is daniel griffeth I work in a lawyers firm im twenty seven” he then stood right beside me and just smiled. This guy was a bit too smiley for me,I mean what was there to be smiley about. He looked at me and asked if we can do over that horrible date. Which I agreed to,we talked and laughed all evening until he said that it was time to take his leave. It was a bit awkward at first because I didnt know if to hug him or just let him leave so I just stood there,he walked off then stopped for a brief minute,walked back and kissed me but not like an ordinary kiss but with such passion as though we were married or had a strong bond. I just stood there like an idot smiling while he walked out the house.
Here I was telling becky about what happened blushing and all,she’s just sitting there lisening with excitment all over her face. She told me to give him a chance and that he’s a really great guy,apparently she knew him for years and I trusted her so I gave it a try. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.
So im home painting which is a hobby I picked up last year after my ex and I broke up. Speak of the devil he’s calling right now,I answered in a rough tone asking what he wanted. The phone was silent for a good two minutes and then he spoke in a soft voice saying that he needs me right now everything is crumbling around him and im the only person he can talk to. For a minute I thought he was lying,I was about to hang up when I heard subbing in the background. Was he crying, my heart sunk and I was begging my soft side not to come out and guess what,it jumped right out. I asked him what he wanted me to do and he just said to meet him by the park, which is close to beckys’ house.
Why would damon choose such a park with no shade,my skin is literally burning off. I saw his car to the far right of the park and I jumped in the passengers seat. He locked the doors and told me the conversation will be more effective in his car, which didnt make any sense but I just went along with it. He began by telling me that his mother has cancer and the doctors told him that her time is near,I listened to everything he said while tears rolled down his face. I just embraced him for comfort and in a split second his lips were on mine,my mind screamed no but my body said yes it was a fight of the century. His fingers running through my dark hair as he left hot trails of kisses from my neck going down to my chest. As I felt my top raising off of my skin I stopped him. His eyes were wide as he looked through the car window,I turned to see who it was and my jaw dropped it was becky and daniel,her face was in disbelief while daniel killed me with his deadly stare. How am I going to get myself out of this.
I told him to unlock the doors so I can go explain myself but he just smiled at daniel and pulled me in for another kiss. What the hell, is he trying to get me killed. I slapped him and reached to unlock the doors myself and got out of the car. Becky was pleeding with him to stay and listen to both sides of the story but he wasn’t having it, he stormed away in anger. I ran quickly to catch up to him and tried pulling him back , he stopped and said to give him one reason why he should speak to me,I was about to say someting but he raised his hand silencing me. He said that he meant what he said at the resturant that night “only prostitutes dress like that i’m pretty sure you are going to defend yourself but ask yourself why you came with such a short dress not for a one night stand and to feel better about yourself”. He looked at me and shook his head and said that I was exactly what he envisioned me to be an attention seeking whore.

A week has past since that huge misunderstanding,becky and I tried getting in contact with daniel but he wont answer our calls. If i could only turn back the hands of time I wouldn’t have met up with damon,such a stupid mistake. Now im facing the consequences,loosing a guy I really wanted to take things further with,now im back at square one. Having no love life,even worse knowing that it was all damons’ fault that this whole thing happened.

While I was on work my phone began to ring,without watching the screen I answered and to my surprise it was daniel. Forcing my cheerful voice down my throat,I answered polietly by just saying hi. He told me to meet him at a olive green cafe two streets away from where i worked,apparently becky told him where my job was,I didnt mind at all.

As quick as I can I hopped in my car and drove to olive green,excited to make it right with him. I walked in the entrance and looked around for him,there he was sitting there with that charming smile of his. I was about to strut towards him when a lady came out from nowhere in a short red dress high heels and long blonde hair,he grabbed her and kissed her oh so passionately,just like how he kissed me that day at beckys’ house.

It shook my world like an eight point eight earthquake,I was literally falling apart. How can he do such a thing is he playing with my emotions. I stormed out of olive green seeing blood red,i was ready to kill someone,well not really kill but you know what I mean. How can he do such a thing and here I thought that he was a good guy. I went over to beckys’ house to vent about what happened but to my surprise she was’nt home,now where could becky be at this time of day,not like she works. I walked back to my car and as soon as I got in I saw daniel walking up to beckys’ house.

What the hell is he doing here. I it was itching me to get out the car and shout at him but I had a better idea,I reversed the car where he cant see it, got out and watched his movements. Not sure why I did that but it was a gut feeling to do so,becky came five minutes after along with damon. What exactly is going on here,is becky out of her mind. I called her phone and asked her if she can meet me by the park,she said she cant because she was busy,so I asked what had her so busy,there was silence and then the call dropped.

I came out from where I was hiding because I had enough of this nonsense, they all were shocked when they saw me but I didn’t care I shouted at Becky asking her why would she bring the both of them here knowing that I was not talking to any of them. She froze for a minute then said that it’s her house and she can invite anyone she wants, I was a bit taken back by her attitude she never spoke to me like that before. Damon hugged her from behind and said ” baby calm down”, WHAT! baby what’s going on here, my ex calling my best friend baby.


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