Blind Love 2


Without thinking I slapped Becky with all my might which had her on the floor, how can she betray me like that we practically grew up together. This feeling hurt so bad but I didn’t have time to sulk in the moment, Damon picked Becky off the floor while Daniel scooped me up and they both carried us inside her house. There was silence for two minutes then Damon stood up and apologised to everyone, we were all confused as to why he did but he quickly tried to explain. Before he could say anything Becky stopped him and told me that she has been sleeping with Damon for the past year and the reason why he looked at her through the car window when he was kissing me in his car was to get her jealous.

My jaw dropped I couldn’t believe it, I got up and ran outside before I reached the door I felt arms circling my waist. It was Daniel he squeezed me tight and told me to not worry about it and that he will take me home. I hesitated at first because I didn’t forget how he kissed that woman at olive green but for now I just wanted to go home and forget about everything so I allowed him to take me home. So here I am sitting in the front seat of Daniels’ car I left my car at Becky’s house I just couldn’t take it anymore and I wanted to reach home as soon as possible.

Daniel rest his free hand on my shoulder and told me that he will bring my car home later, that was so nice of him but I’m still upset with him. Without thinking I blurted out stuff I didn’t wanna say out loud like, I hate that woman you kissed at olive green. The car came to a halt thank God for seat belts, he faced me and just stared. I told him that I thought I was special but apparently I’m not because he can kiss that female the same way he kissed me. I didn’t get time to finish speaking I just felt his lips on mine but this kiss was different I’ve never felt this way before, I tried stopping him but he wont let me. He had a firm grip on my wrists behind my back with one hand and the other in my hair.

Finally I stopped him and told him to just get me home, he couldnt compose himself ,while driving his hands were on my tighs running up my dress. My gosh he needs to behave or we will do something we might end up regretting, so I came up with a plan I told him to drop me by my mums’ house. He did but the unexpected happened he came out the car and walked me inside, what is he doing this needs to stop before it goes too far. My mom came out with a big grin on her face when she saw that I brought a guy with me, I quickly told her that we were’nt together but daniel laughed and said that I’m shy to introduce him, he went on and on about how we met and I’m just here feeling very awkward.

I was about to expose him but his next move is what changed my life forever. The ride to my house was very very awkward, he had a gigantic big smile on his face nothing could’ve changed his mood. I told him not to get too happy about what just happened because it can easily crumble into pieces. He remained silent as he stopped infront of my house offering to walk me inside, I quickly refused got out the car went inside and locked the door. What in the world just happened, first it was the scenario by beckys’ house now I have to deal with this.

Here I am in my office with thoughts racing through my mind, decisions decisions where to start dealing with these problems. My trail of thought was interrupted when the door to my office was opened, it was Becky she looked as though she was crying all night. Without thought I instantly got up and hugged he, yes I was still upset about her sleeping with my ex behind my back but I still care about her greatly.

She told me that Damon slept over last night and things got heated concerning an argument they had earlier on and he slapped her which made that bright red mark on her left cheek that seemed to have never disappeared. I cannot believe that Damon did such a thing, I called his phone with such rage my skin was hot as fire. He answered and I shouted ” MEET ME AT BECKYS HOUSE NOW!”

I hung up and called my receptionist and told her to cancel all meetings for today, I dragged Becky to my car and drove her to her house. She opened her door and I slammed it open briefly walking towards the couch. The door opened and there he was that woman hitter, I raised off the couch and slapped him he was in shock for a minute straight. I was about to hit him again but in the corner of my eyes I saw Daniel walking through the door.

Becky said she called him because he’s the only person that can calm me down, this situation is so stressful I really cant take it anymore. So I calmed myself down and told everyone to sit down so we can talk this all out, I started with Becky and asked her why would she sleep with my ex. She hesitated to answer  and then she said that before Damon and I were together she liked him but didn’t know how to tell me, so when she heard that we broke up she tried to form a connection with him to see if they can fall in love but he only cared about me.

Why didn’t she tell me this before, at this moment I’m not even mad anymore, it is hard to see someone you love end up with someone else I was so clueless. I asked Damon If he likes Becky and his answer shocked me, he said that he does has some feelings for her but he still loves me. He apologised to Becky for hitting her, he said that he wasn’t thinking straight he just acted on impulse. He told her that it will never happen again and placed a promised ring on her finger. That was really sweet of him

Daniel pulled me into the washroom and closed the door he said that he couldn’t take it anymore. I told him that its ok for them to be together I don’t have a problem with it, He then said that he wasn’t speaking about that and then pushed me up against the wall unzipped his pants and began kissing me. What the hell is happening I need to stop this it cant go any further. As I was about to push him off he entered me, a moan came out   unexpectedly and then another and another, it started getting louder and louder. He gripped my body as though his life depended on it.

So we are all in the kitchen area making lunch apparently Damon and Becky were outside talking things out so they didn’t hear us. I feel so awkward standing around them I need to speak to Becky. I grabbed her by her hand and dragged her in her room, the guys watched me as though I was mad because I did it so suddenly. Becky locked the door and turned around with a huge smile on her face, then asked how was it. She caught me by surprised so I acted as though I had no idea what she was talking about. She then said that she knew what I dragged her here to tell her but I shut her up before she can say anything.

I told her that Daniel and I are engaged, her eyes grew wide as her jaw dropped its like she couldn’t catch herself I quickly put my hands over her mouth because I knew a scream was coming next and it came. Geez cant tell her anything, she pushed me on the bed and told me to tell her everything. So I told her it all happened when he dropped me by my mom and had her thinking that we were dating and he loved me, he even poured his heart out to me genuinely and then got down on one knee to propose and guess what I accepted it. I pulled the ring out of my dress pocket and slipped it on my finger.

She then said that she’s happy for me and that being my maid of honour will be a privilege, not like I told her that was her position in my wedding but ok. Suddenly she ran outside and hugged Daniel thanking him for putting a ring on it, Daniel watched me and smiled because the day he proposed I told him that I wasn’t going through with it so this is great news for him. He’s such a loving man who will do anything for me and I’m very lucky to have him.

Becky started screaming both Daniel and I span around and saw Damon on one knee, not sure what got into me but I began jumping up and down like a five year old telling Becky to say yes. She eventually did and we both hugged each other with smiles on our faces, Damon and Daniel were just laughing at us. Becky then said that we should have a double wedding and Daniel said that it was a great idea. Who would’ve ever thought that Becky would be marrying my ex and I marrying her close friend. I guess life throws tomatoes at you its what you choose to do with it.






















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