Heart Overthrown

It’s been six months since I’ve been released from jail, it wasn’t easy but I learned a lot while in there and I’m sure of not returning. Been in there for five years and the only person who visited was my mom and close friend Jazz, he been there with me through everything. I’m now twenty eight years trying to start fresh, getting those thoughts of that prison out of my head has been a task. Jazz has a friend who owns a software business and he managed to get me a spot there in spite of my background. Things are looking great, I got my own apartment I’m currently saving for a car and I got a great job but I’m missing someone to love, that feeling has only popped up as memory bubbles in my mind .

My last love was Wendy Graham we met when I was twenty two, she was so vibrant full of life and always positive or so I thought. The week before I got arrested we got in a really bad fight, then all of a sudden my friends began turning against me my mom started arguing with me and all sorts of craziness happened. When I was in jail she came and told me that I’m worthless the second time she came she brought my worst enemy and kissed him right in front of me. women are the worst, I grew a natural born hate for women. Yes I want love but some females make it so hard.

It’s Saturday morning and I’m taking a jog by Westwood park which I usually do but this morning was different. While jogging I felt a sharp pain in my chest, which brought me to a complete stop. I felt my body hit the ground and a veil of darkness over powered my vision, I thought it was the end of me. I opened my eyes and saw surgeons operating on me, I told them to stop but no one listened. With haste I jumped off the bed and tried grabbing the hand of one of the surgeons but my hand went straight through his. My eyes were wide I couldn’t believe what just happened.

As I turned to look at the bed I saw myself on it, What is going on here why am I seeing myself during surgery. I called for help but it was useless, the door opened and in came a short dark lady rushing in saying that she doesn’t think that ill make it. I went into panic mode I walked through the door and out into the reception area, there I saw jazz and my mom. I tried getting their attention but failed miserably, so I ran back to the operating room and tried getting back into my body but it didn’t work. How am I going to save myself, when no one knows that I’m trapped.

Is this going to be it, am I going to die in silence am I going to just wither away without anyone knowing that I’m here. I walked outside the hospital and there I was back at my apartment, I’m seeing myself getting ready to go job. Wait I went back in time there has to be someway to fix this. I wracked my brain for something to grab my physical being attention, I ended up saying my own name and I saw my physical self turn around. Wow It actually worked, I then told him that I’m him but in a spiritual form. He was quite scared and ran out the door screaming “leave me alone”. No I cant allow him to go running outside the same thing might happen, I quickly ran behind him but apparently my spirit form can run extremely fast so I eventually caught up to him.

I shouted stop and he came to a complete halt, I continued to tell him that he’s making a big mistake and then I told him all that’s going to happen and how I got here. He finally spoke back to me and said that if all this is true how come he’s the only one that can hear me. I told him it was complicated and we don’t have time to dwell on that. We were on our way to the hospital cause I told him to go get an ECG on his heart to see why he collapsed. Low and behold the doctor was no other than Wendy Graham.

Am I dreaming this has to be some kind of twisted dream. I touched her and she span around, wait I can touch her how can I touch her but not the rest of persons. I had no time to think about that I called her name and she looked around the room asking my physical self if he called her, and he said no. So apparently she cant see me but hear me, so I told my physical self to tell her the entire story and she watched him as though he was crazy . I wouldn’t blame her this whole day has been crazy. She then laughed and asked if this was some kind of joke to get us back together. I got upset and started shouting saying that this was not a time for jokes, her eyes opened wide because she heard me but didn’t see me and the physical me she saw was not speaking ..she was about to run out but I immediately told my physical self to hold her back.



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